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Created on 2011-07-25 20:55:20 (#924877), last updated 2012-01-07 (301 weeks ago)

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Name:Dynasty Warriors
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Say hello to our mascot, Cinnamon, Zhuge Liang's pet dragon. He's a nice dragon but don't piss him off. :D

Shu, Wei, Wu and the WILD Jin.

1) stay on topic not really, but make SURE your post has something DW/Three Kingdoms/A WILD JIN related. In the comments section? No biggy. Bawwing to me or anyone else over the fact that any character/historical person from the era is made fun of by anyone will not fly. If you're easily butthurt over that, DO NOT JOIN. I WILL make fun, I WILL joke around (yes, MY favourites included). I cannot stress that enough: NO BAWWING PERMITTED!! DO NOT JOIN IF YOU'RE EASILY BUTTHURT!!

2) be nice to one another. Calling members names, berating them, being a complete idiot, troll, asshole, fucking moron (and all that jazz) will get you banned

3) no fake cuts or links to say "click here for the rest!!", please. It's not hard to copypaste. Do not lock your entries, and do not post DOWNLOAD links to any of the games, movies, dramas, TV shows, OSTs etc. Also, DO NOT SHARE LINKS to where one can watch movies, dramas, TV shows, listen to any OST, etc. Entries will be deleted and you will be warned

4) sales are allowed and ALL go behind the cut. Use %sales as your tag

5) when you USE the cut, don't post one line behind it. It's annoying and I will delete it with no warnings given

6) this is canon tag yo entries (use the VERY FIRST ONE as the example)

7) fan arts and fan fiction are welcomed (tags to be used: fanfic: kingdom(s)here, fanfic: character(s)here, fanart: kingdom(s)here, fanart: character(s)here. Separate them with &, like these examples: fanfic: wei & wu & shu, fanfic: zhuge liang & zhou yu & cao cao. If in the ADULT NATURE, use fanfic: !adult, fanart: !adult). Summary and previews are WELCOMED and the rest go behind the cut. ICONS AND WALLPAPERS ARE ENCOURAGED!! Remember to use the appropriate tags, aside from icons and wallpaper

8) while dedicated to the video game series, movies, TV shows, anime, books (manga, manhua, manhwa, and every other type of comic included), everything related to the series, whether historical fact or pure fiction, can be posted

9) DO NOT: disable comments, screen comments, delete comments, freeze comments. I will delete your entry swiftly and NOT warn you ahead of time. It also doesn't matter if you reply to an entry/comment that's over 9000 years old. If someone bitches at you because you replied to an older entry/comment, let me know. Also, ELABORATE WHEN YOU SAY "THIS" AND "WHAT IS THIS? I DON'T EVEN". It's annoying, really, very, so don't do it, because I see you say "this", I will ninja in and say "is Sparta!!" all the time

10) PROFIT!! I'm pretty much very lax, really

I'll add tags manually, and you can add any yourself in your entry/entries. I added the #request one so that you can ask for any tags to be added, which will be for characters, as I know there be a lot, as I know I will probably forget a few. x) *mod is what I'll use when I post a MOD entry.


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